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Blog Task 1 – BOXPARK

Lead author: Yang Song

  BOX PARK Outside

We chose the temporarily existing boxpark pop-up mall as our site. It would be open for another two years. It’s located on the north side of the shoreditch high street overground station. The boxpark pop-up store is one of the first pop-up stores in London.

Upstairs Corridor and Shops

There are all kinds of little shops which are of one standard size in it. The basic design idea of the building is that it could bring creativity and innovation to the local community. The reason we chose it was that in comparison with other  buildings in the area, the boxpark pop-up mall was absolutely a very innovational building in the neighbourhood, even within London in terms of its pop-up concept, the material used and its exterior black colour.

Downstairs shops

As the structure is in a symmetrical form, we chose the east part to study as the basic construction of the two sides are the same.

Upstairs Support

We observed both rigid and pin joints on the structure. The structure is basically many recycled shipping containers connected with each other in an order with rigid joints.


Nowadays, shipping containers are regarded as low-cost, reusable, environmental friendly material, and are used in some new concept buildings. But also they have some weaknesses. They are in the same boring shape. And most of them are in dark colour

elevationThe whole structure used 60 shipping containers in total and 26 in the part that we chose. The containers are insulated and welded nicely. Rigid joints are used throughout the structure while pin joints only appeared on some little parts such as the entrances of the shops. We think the containers are rigidly joined together for there can’t be any translational or rotation movements between the containers. And the entrances, they are supposed to be open and closed so they should be pin joined as they could rotate.

As the structure is horizontally spread, we didn’t see any visible deflections. But they do exist when the wind blows hard.

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