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Blog Task 4-Bridge Proposal

Lead author: Siqi Huang

For the Task4 we have been asked to design a new pedestrian bridge over the River Thames. And at the same time, Thomas Heatherwick is going to design a large sculpture that will sit on top of the bridge.

For this bridge, which has been designed by our group, the emphasis of the bridge is about the beauty of the curve. In addition, this bridge has been offered a path for wheelchair accessible. Further more, the sculpture will be hang up under the bridge and covered by a large piece of a glass.

More explanation will be mentioned below:

扫描 130470020


Tow main paths compose the bridge; one is on the top for pedestrians. Another one is for wheelchairs as the elevation shows. And the sculpture is on the middle.

扫描 130470015


For the path of the pedestrians, there are one main road and two subsidiary roads for each side.

扫描 130470026


In addition, there are in a different level between that two subsidiary roads and the main road.


扫描 130470024i




扫描 130490001

Force (1): Normal force:

There are four supports to take the weight of the bridge. So, the normal force is going up.

Force (2):The gravity of the sculpture:

The sculpture is hanging up between that two supports, that two supports will take the weight of the sculpture. So, this part of the normal force will be bigger than others.

Force (3): pulling force:

This pulling force is from the bank to the bridge. The bridge should have a force to be pulled by the bank side, that is why it can be built above the river.

Force (4): pulling force:

The wheelchair road will be pulled and made straight by the four supports.

Force (5): The gravity of the total weight:

Force (6): Pulling force:

This pulling force should be counted very accurate, because this force is going to stop the top of the road to be failing. This force make from the wheelchair road. Further more another function of the wheelchair road is going to pull back the top of the road, and let it keep the curve.





The body of the bridge will be made by concrete. Personly, concrete gives me a sense of simple, it is a good choice to present the beautiful lines of the bridge’s body.




Glass handrail:

Choosing the clear glass handrail because it will never to disturb the body of the bridge to show the beauty of the line.


Choosing a sculpture from Thomas Heatherwick:


This sculpture will be hanging up under the middle of the bridge, and a snatchy glass will cover it. As the drawing shows, the sculpture will be put in a horizontal plane; pedestrians can walk on that glass and lower his head to see the sculpture.


扫描 1304700246



扫描 130470022

Section of the sculpture.

When the pedestrians walk on the wheelchair road, the sculpture will be hanging up over the heads.



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